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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Dental Health – 8 Tips for Healthier Gums

I want to dedicate the very first post of this blog to dental health. I think it should start from something that could cause lot of health trouble if not given enough attention to.

I used to see traces of blood as I rinse my teeth after brushing? Do you think it is normal and not worthy of any further thought? Well, I had to think again. I was suffering from gingivitis without even knowing it!
If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to gum disease, which is the leading cause of some serious dental problems and tooth loss in adults. So here I have 8 tips for dental health.
  • Be a strict follower of the “three-three” rule. You should devote at least 3 minutes 3 times a day to oral hygiene to maintain good dental health. This is non-negotiable and there should be no ifs and or buts about it. Anything less than this could deprive your teeth of the attention they need.
  • Take the boredom out of brushing. Brushing and flossing are perhaps two of the most boring activities. It may just be the reason why people tend to spend less time doing it. To take the boredom out of brushing, why not try dry brushing (brushing without toothpaste)? This way you can brush your teeth and perform some other activities at the same time.
  • Avoid torturing your teeth! Contrary to popular belief, using toothbrushes with hard bristles and applying undue pressure while brushing will not give you cleaner teeth. Instead, it will damage the teeth’s enamel and give your gums a hard time as well. So the next time you brush, use a toothbrush with soft bristles and please don’t push it too hard!
  • Get it thoroughly cleaned. It would be wiser to brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth the next time you brush your teeth. It will increase the blood circulation around the tissues in your mouth and may help minimize the amount of bacteria present. If you are prone to tartar build-up, you might also want to try tartar control toothpaste. Just remember to look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance or Recognition when shopping around for one.
  • Don’t forget to floss. The food debris, which find their way through the tiny crevices between your teeth, can only be removed by flossing. This is why flossing is considered extremely important in maintaining good dental health. For best results, you should floss twice during the day. You may also want to try using waxed floss to make the task a lot easier.
  • See what baking soda can do for your teeth! Baking soda has mild abrasive properties that can aid in getting rid of plaque. It can also neutralize the acidity produced by bacterial wastes in the mouth, serve as an effective deodorizer and give your teeth a gleaming polish! For best results, mix baking soda with a small amount of water to make a paste and use it to brush your teeth, giving special attention to the gum line. Do this at least once or twice a week and see the difference!
  • Eat a more balanced diet – Studies prove that a poor diet may speed up the rate of gum disease and may also increase the severity of the condition. To avoid this, make sure your body has all the nutrients it needs to maintain optimal health.
  • Make dental visits a routine. Regular visits to your dentist may help you stay away from gum disease. So, please do your teeth and yourself a favor. Go visit your dentist regularly!
To prevent gingivitis and its eventual progression into a full-blown gum disease, it would be best to visit your dentist regularly. Only the dentist can diagnose the problem and give you the necessary advice and treatments. The suggestions or tips above can give you a better fighting chance to ward off gum disease and enjoy better dental health forever!

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