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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Healthy food: what is it, types, healthy food recipe

Healthy, unapproved, food, according to many, is much more useful than processed, with additives or having lost some useful ingredients. Healthy eating includes whole foods like bread and bran flour, unpolished rice, and organic foods like unprocessed yogurt. In this short article, you will learn more about healthy foods. Healthy food is also considered organic food. They are described in this article.

healthy food
What is organic food (healthy food)
Organic products are products grown without the use of artificial (inorganic) fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Instead, they use natural (organic), such as compost and slurry.

Plants decompose organic fertilizers into nitrates and phosphates, and then they are absorbed. Inorganic fertilizers are initially nitrates or phosphates. Whether a plant distinguishes natural fertilizers from artificial ones is unknown. Organic fertilizers improve soil structure. It becomes easier to dig, and the roots of plants grow better and absorb water well. Fertilizers from blood and bone-horn meal. Weed plants by hand, without using pesticides. Organic fertilizers add substances that are not found in artificial fertilizers to the soil. This is probably why vegetables grown using organic fertilizers sometimes look prettier.

Some types of organic products
Here are some types of foods sold in health food stores. Try to figure out which products are better for you than others. In many ordinary supermarkets, health food is sold cheaper. In health food stores, look for things you can’t buy at the supermarket, such as a variety of dried beans, beans, nuts, dried fruits, pasta, whole grains.

Healthy Food: Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt contains live bacteria. They are practically harmless. Many even find them useful. Bacteria in pasteurized yogurt are killed by heating to keep the product longer. The nutrients in natural yogurt without additives are the same as in milk from which yogurt is prepared.

Free-range eggs

environmentally friendly eggs Eggs from free-standing chickens taste better and smell better than eggs laid by hens in cages. According to the nutritional value, eggs from free chickens, including those with brown shells, do not differ from eggs laid by hens in cages.
Note: Brewer’s yeast is a good source of B vitamins. However, if you eat varied, then these vitamins are enough for you, without additional sources, because pills and other drugs are very expensive and are unlikely to meet the characteristics that manufacturers give them.
Natural honey
Honey consists of almost pure sugars with a tiny amount of some vitamins. Its advantage is that it is sweeter than sugar, which means that it is required less. But that is not the point. Natural homemade honey has a complex chemical composition, which is subject to significant fluctuations.

natural honey

Really good honey contains sugar, vitamins, water, non-protein nitrogenous substances and protein substances, dextrin and other components of honey, which are obtained from different types of nectar. But the main constituent parts of carbohydrates that white honey contains are fructose (i.e., inverted sugar) and glucose.

It is these substances that make up about 90% of all sugars that honey contains in honeycombs. Such monosaccharides determine the basic qualities of honey: high nutritional value, sweetness, hygroscopicity, crystallization, and so on.

Inverted sugar in large quantities (up to 80%) contains floral first honey, and mortar – up to 70%.

The quality and benefit of honey is higher, the more inverted sugar in it. Of the mineral substances, different types of honey contain both trace elements (copper, aluminum, lead, manganese, zinc, etc.) and macroelements (sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc.).

That is why honey is so useful, and the use of honey is possible in various areas of human life, ranging from medicine to cosmetology.

Healthy Food Recipe: Meat and Honey on the Same Table
As a rule, various meat dishes are on our table for every holiday. These are the same family recipes, tested by time and experience of past generations.

But sometimes I really want to surprise friends and relatives with something new and at the same time delicious! You can use the recipe below to please your loved ones. The basis of this recipe is meat and honey, it would seem, two not compatible products.

As a rule, pork predominates on our table. So, consider a recipe with these meats.

First, we need to take a piece of pork, peel it from fat and cut it into smaller pieces. Then they need to be placed in a pan, sprinkled with lemon juice, add chopped garlic.

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Healthy food: what is it, types, healthy food recipe

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