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Thursday, January 9, 2020

farm cottage cheese with fruit

June 2 is the international holiday “Day of healthy eating and giving up excesses in food”, it has been celebrated recently, since 2011.

The trend of recent years – in food you need to be moderate and always think about what you eat.

At the same time, one does not need to become a vegetarian, and even more so a vegan, a healthy diet is a proper diet without frills, and not a rejection of meat or fish. According to many nutritionists, if you are depriving yourself of proteins and fats of animal origin, you are already eating not quite wrong.

healthy food

Healthy nutrition, first of all, is a balanced meal with the rejection of excesses and harmful products. Food should be enjoyed, not heaviness in the stomach and heartburn.

Millet porridge with caramelized pumpkin


According to nutritionists, millet with pumpkin is one of the best combinations of products. You do not like millet porridge since childhood? You just don’t know how to cook it. Try to cook according to our recipe.

Lazy Dumplings

If you choose between classic and lazy dumplings, choose – lazy. There is no test in them, as in the classic ones. And this means that we will not eat the excess carbohydrates, from which we have a “fat”.

Yes, one more tip – use normal, not low-fat cottage cheese. Without fat, calcium is not absorbed from cottage cheese by the body.

Cottage Salad

This salad has hundreds of names, and most often, it is cooked at home, without any name – just a salad. Now, just begins the season of fresh ground vegetables. So stock up on vitamins.

Shrimp Pamelo Salad


Citrus and seafood are a perfect balanced diet, and also very tasty. Pay attention to the photo. There is not a lot of salad on the plate – even the most healthy dish, if you overeat it, becomes harmful. Everything needs a measure!

Broccoli Soup with Pine Nuts


broccoli soup
He doesn’t know about the benefits of broccoli, except that he is a person who cannot read and has never watched TV. And pine nuts are a storehouse of essential elements for the body.

Baked Beetroot


If the Day of Healthy Eating was celebrated in winter, then I would definitely have laid out the recipe for borsch, and for summer – this is an option for cold baked beetroot soup.

Sorrel soup


A light soup on chicken stock with sorrel is tasty and healthy. The main thing is to add sorrel at the very end of the soup, so it will retain healthy vitamins more.

Rabbit Medallions

Of all types of meat, rabbit is considered the most dietary. Many housewives are afraid to cook it, but if you use our recipe, after 10 minutes a delicious dish will already be on your table, everything is very simple.

Stuffed Peppers with Sour Cream


In a dispute, stuffed peppers or a cutlet with potatoes, the winner is always one – peppers. The dish is satisfying, but you do not stuff your body with excess carbohydrates that affect your weight.

Grilled dorado fillet with vegetables


The best way to cook fish is grilled. Firstly, it’s delicious, and secondly, when you fry fish in vegetable oil, then a lot of oil is absorbed into the fish, and why do we need extra fats?

Chamomile lemonade


For a long time I chose from drinks what to stop my attention with. Still, chamomile lemonade. Everyone knows about the healing power of chamomile, but nobody will drink just a decoction of chamomile, and in the form of lemonade – with pleasure.

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